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The Chainlens EVM Blockchain Explorer as a Service, grants you instant access to dashboard metrics, NFTs, tokens, accounts, contracts, and advanced sorting—all at your fingertips.

Chainlens Blockchain Explorer Video walkthrough

The below walkthrough provides an overview of a number of its key features.

A tour of Chainlens

Chainlens provides an intuitive user experience, driven by the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Clicking on the relevant menu item will take you to the associated page.


When you browse to a Chainlens instance, you are presented with a dashboard. The Chainlens dashboard provides a summary of key metrics of the blockchain contracts, including:

  • Total transactions, token contracts and peers
  • Graphical transaction count broken down by transaction type (contract creation, contract transaction, currency transfer)
  • Most active contracts
  • Fungible (ERC20 and ERC777) versus non-fungible token contracts (ERC721)
Chainlens Blockchain Explorer as a Service Dashboard Metrics
The dashboard view


The NFTs view provides a view of all NFTs deployed on the network. These are tokens that adhere to the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 Ethereum standards respectively.

Chainlens Blockchain Explorer as a Service NFT view
The NFTs view

When you click on a specific NFT, you are taken to the collection view for that NFT.

You can refer to the dedicated section in the docs on NFTs for more information.


The tokens view provides a view of all fungible, ERC-20 tokens deployed in the network.

Chainlens Blockchain Explorer as a Service Token View
The tokens view

If we click on one of our tokens, we get more information about it (as in the Contracts view).

Chainlens Blockchain Explorer as a Service Token Details
The token details view

Here you can see the attributes of the token.

Chainlens Blockchain Explorer as a Service Token Details with Attributes
The token details pane

You can also see details of the transfer events that have taken place for that token and who the top holders are.

Chainlens Blockchain Explorer as a Service Token Transfers and Transactions
The token transfers, transactions and holders view


The accounts view displays all active accounts on your network.

Chainlens Blockchain Explorer as a Service Accounts View
The accounts view

Accounts are arranged by their balance in the tokens native currency, with the largest balance accounts first. Its also possible to sort accounts based on the:

  • Tokens
  • NFTs
  • Transactions

Click on an account will take you to the account-specific view for it.

Chainlens Blockchain Explorer as a Service Account Details
Account details

This contains details of the transactions, tokens and NFTs associated with the account.


The contracts view displays all contracts that have been deployed to your network.

Chainlens Blockchain Explorer as a Service Contract View
The contracts view

Here you can see details of all contracts deployed to the network. Those contracts that comply with well-defined interfaces are automatically tagged with a type in the Type column to reflect this. For example, ERC20, ERC777 for fungible token contracts, ERC721 for non-fungible token contracts, ERC1155 for hybrid tokens (which defines both fungible and non-fungible tokens) and Custom for those that have not been registered in the contract registry.

The Name column provides the contract name if the contract is registered in the Chainlens contract registry.

When you click on a contract, you are taken into the contract details page which has various information about the contract.

Here you can see details of all transactions associated with the contract and events emitted by these transactions. If the contract is registered in the registry, events and their parameter names and values will be decoded.

Chainlens Blockchain Explorer as a Service Contract Details
Contract details view

Private transactions are labelled with a Private label. They will only be decipherable if the node that the Chainlens instance is connected to is privy to the transaction.


The events view provides details of all events taking place on the blockchain.

Chainlens Blockchain Explorer as a Service Events View

When you click on the Address or Transaction Hash associated with an entry it will take you to the relevant smart contract address or transaction view in Chainlens.


The Transactions view provides the details of individual transactions, including private transactions when supported by your blockchain.

Chainlens Blockchain Explorer as a Service Transaction View
The transaction view

Clicking on a transaction will take you to the transaction details view.

Chainlens Blockchain Explorer as a Service Transaction Details
Transaction details

When you view transaction details you'll find view lower-level details, such as the input byte code.

Chainlens Blockchain Explorer as a Service Transaction Details Bytecode
Viewing the input bytecode associated with a transaction


The blocks view provides details of all blocks being generated on the network.

Chainlens Blockchain Explorer as a Service Blocks View
The blocks view

Clicking on a block will take you to the block details view, which displays the transactions in the block and other details.

Chainlens Blockchain Explorer as a Service Block Details
The block details view

As with the transactions view, technical details are available here too under the Additional Details menu. Here you can see details such as the block difficulty and gas consumed.

Chainlens Blockchain Explorer as a Service Additional Block Details
The additional details view


Clicking on an address that is not associated with a smart contract, i.e. it holds Ether, will bring up the account view, which displays the current balance and transactions associated with the account.

Chainlens Blockchain Explorer as a Service Account Details View
The account details view


The search box in the top-right corner of the screen allows you to search by various criteria, including:

  • Contract address
  • Account address
  • Transaction hash
  • Block hash
Chainlens Blockchain Explorer as a Service Search Bar
The search bar

If a match is found the associated contract, account, transaction or block details will be displayed.

Advanced sorting and filters

Another key feature is the addition of sorting and filters in Chainlens. This enables users to find very active tokens or contracts by sorting or filtering by key attributes. For instance, contracts can be sorted by transaction count, creation date or last execution.

Each of the different views in Chainlens provides relevant sorting functionality.

Chainlens Blockchain Explorer as a Service Sorting Feature
Sorting contracts by various attributes

The filters provided also allow you to view subsets of the available data, such as only displaying ERC-721 or ERC-1155 tokens in the Tokens view.

Chainlens Blockchain Explorer as a Service Filtering Feature
Filtering tokens by various attributes

As with the sorting functionality, all of the different views in Chainlens have various filters you can apply.


The Network view is an optional view, that details the node Chainlens is connected to and its peers on the network.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Blockchain Explorer as a Service?

A Blockchain Explorer as a Service (EaaS) provides a fully managed blockchain explorer for your network and its users, without the need for local infrastructure setup.

How does Chainlens benefit developers working on EVM blockchains?

Chainlens enhances productivity for developers allowing them to see on-chain activity associated with their contracts. with advanced tools for data analysis, contract testing, and seamless integration with existing EVM and Ethereum standards.

What kind of blockchain data and insights can I access through Chainlens?

Chainlens provides a number of types of data —enriched blockchain data on on-chain asset such as NFTs and tokens as well as user balances associated with them. It also provides decoded smart contract data and metadata associated with NFTs. Raw blockchain data such as block information and transaction details are also included. Comprehensive analytical data is also collected for many types of data.

Can Chainlens help me track my NFTs on EVM blockchains?

Yes, Chainlens provides comprehensive NFT support, allowing you to view NFTs that are contained within specific wallets, or browse entire collections on EVM blockchains. It also provides a breakdown of attributes associated with specific NFTs.

Does Chainlens offer any analytics or reporting capabilities?

Chainlens includes comprehensive analytics and reporting features that provide deep insights into both historical and current blockchain activity and trends for networks.

What kind of documentation and support is available for Chainlens?

Chainlens offers detailed documentation and responsive customer support to assist users with issues when they occur.

Can Chainlens scale to meet the needs of large or high-traffic networks?

Yes, Chainlens is designed to scale efficiently as networks grow, both in terms of handling greater volumes of user traffic, as well as supporting large volumes of network transactions.

Does Chainlens stay updated with the latest network developments and updates?

Chainlens continually updates its services to cater for upgrades and enhancements made to network protocols. 

What features and tools does Chainlens offer?

Chainlens offers customizable branding, powerful search, sleek dashboards, a complete API for integrations, and great support for NFTs and tokens. It also provides high-quality decoded blockchain data for network operators, developers and end-users.

Is Chainlens compatible with existing Ethereum tools and standards?

Yes, Chainlens supports the EIP-3091 standard for block explorer API allowing it to seamlessly  integrate with existing Ethereum tools such as wallets. It also supports contract verification via the Sourcify service.

How does Chainlens handle smart contract interaction and verification?

Chainlens supports direct interaction with verified contracts. Verified contracts are those that have been verified using the Sourcify service. This can be done directly from Chainlens when viewing the details of a smart contract or directly via the Sourcify service.

What are the advantages of using Chainlens over building my own blockchain exploration tools?

Using Chainlens saves time and resources so your team can focus on their core competencies. Using Chainlens managed service offers significant cost savings over running your explorer infrastructure yourself, offering a ready-to-use, scalable, and platform for blockchain exploration and analytics to serve both your team and community.

How easy is it to integrate Chainlens into my existing projects or workflows?

Integration is streamlined and user-friendly via Chainlens powerful API. which has extensive documentation to guide users through the process.

Are there any pricing plans or subscription options for Chainlens?

Chainlens provides flexible pricing plans tailored to the needs of different networks, from new networks with only a few thousand transactions up to large established networks with tens or hundreds of millions of transactions.

How secure and reliable is the infrastructure behind Chainlens?

Chainlens uses robust security measures and reliable cloud based infrastructure providers to ensure safe and uninterrupted service.

Can Chainlens assist with smart contract deployment and management?

The deployment process is usually driven by developers. However, Chainlens complements this by providing tools for verifying and working with deployed smart contracts efficiently.

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