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Common Challenges with Blockchain API Integrations

Complexity of Integration

Integrating with blockchain APIs can be challenging due to a lack of enriched data about assets from providers. Chainlens simplifies this process providing not just low-level block, transaction and event information, but also data about tokens, NFTs, smart contracts and account assets.

Real-Time Data Access

Accessing live blockchain data is crucial for many blockchain applications yet challenging working with blockchain nodes. Chainlens provides seamless instant data access via its robust API to monitor asset, account or smart contract activity as it happens.

Monitoring Smart Contracts

Detecting specific events taking place on smart contracts usually requires a lot of custom code, with Chainlens you can easily monitor for specific events with a few lines of code.

Impact of Challenges

Development Delays

Integrating directly with blockchain nodes is complex and time-consuming for developers. Only primitive information about the blockchain is available. Working with Chainlens blockchain API can save weeks or months of development time.

Increased Costs

Difficulties in accessing and utilizing blockchain APIs can result in higher development costs. Chainlens provides an affordable solution that minimizes these costs.

Security Risks

Creating your own API services comes with their own security risks. Chainlens utilizes offensive security testing practices to mitigate against service vulnerabilities.

Benefits of our Blockchain API Integration

Chainlens offers a comprehensive API that allows seamless integration with other applications. This enables you to easily integrate on-chain data with observability, monitoring, and reporting tools, allowing you to incorporate blockchain data into existing workflows.

Real-Time Data Access & Monitoring

Gain immediate insights and actionable data with live access to blockchain transactions and events through our powerful API.

EVM blockchain explorer with blockchain api integration
blockchain api integration

Data Enrichment and Normalisation

Provides enriched and normalized on-chain data for easier analysis and integration. Supports detailed views of tokenized assets, internal transactions, accounts, blocks, and contract bytecode.

On-chain Asset Tracking

Allows tracking of tokens and NFTs with account-based views. Includes an analytic dashboard for monitoring on-chain metrics.

Chainlens web3 SaaS Blockchain Explorer NFT Support
EVM blockchain explorer with blockchain api integration

Smart Contract Management

Supports verified smart contract source code uploads. Enables direct interaction with deployed smart contracts. Utilizes Sourcify for smart contract verification, enhancing transparency and trust.

An Open API Designed for Extensibility

OpenAPI compliant, facilitating easy integration with other applications. Provides comprehensive blockchain data through a robust and scalable API. Supports live blockchain monitoring via events and transactions.

Chainlens web3 explorer as a service API
blockchain explorer with blockchain api

Multi-chain Support

Compatible with various public EVM networks and appchains. Supports private blockchains such as Hyperledger Besu and Quorum.

Compliance with Standards

The API adheres to standards such as the EIP-3091 Block Explorer API Routes. This ensures compatibility with existing Ethereum tools and frameworks, facilitating easier integration with wallets.

Chainlens blockchain api integration EIP
Chainlens Blockchain Explorer API Integration Docs

Extensive Documentation

Chainlens provides detailed documentation for its API, guiding developers through the integration process. This includes example requests, responses, and explanations of the various endpoints and their functionality.


“Chainlens’ clean, simple interface makes it easy for our community to find the information they need quickly”

Andrea Lerdo de Tejada
Executive Director Palm Foundation

“We recommend to all of our partners and customers using Azure Blockchain Service that they make use of Web3 Labs’ Chainlens for its exceptional user experience and insights it provides.”

Marley Gray
Principal Architect, Azure Blockchain Engineering, Cloud & Enterprise, Microsoft

“Chainlens is our go-to platform for monitoring new tokens and contracts on the Palm Network.”

Daniel Heyman
President and Chief Strategy Officer, Candy Digital
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Frequently asked questions

What is blockchain API integration and why is it important?

Blockchain API integration allows applications to interact with blockchain networks, providing instant access to transaction data and enabling various functionality such as monitoring token transfers or smart contract events. It's important for enhancing transparency of on-chain activity.

How do you integrate with the Chainlens blockchain APIs?

Integrating with Chainlens’ blockchain APIs requires accessing  to fetch and display data from the blockchain, such as transactions, blocks, and smart contracts. Our API provides comprehensive documentation to guide developers through the integration process.

Can I use ChatGPT with Chainlens Blockchain API?

ChatGPT can easily generate code to work with the Chainlens API, you just need to provide it with the Chainlens API page which you obtain from the Chainlens navigation menu.

Can I start for free?

Yes, we offer a Developer Plan which allows you to run Chainlens locally on your machine for free. This plan includes block, transaction, address and contract views.
Simply fill out this form to get started!

How do I get started with Chainlens?

Simply book a demo to learn more about our services and how Chainlens can benefit your project. Our team will guide you through the setup and onboarding process.

Why do you need a blockchain API?

Blockchain is a decentralized ledger technology that records transactions across multiple nodes. These nodes have their own APIs which are optmized for network operation, not providing information about on-chain assets such as tokens. By providing a dedicated blockchain explorer API, you are able to access enriched blockchain data that is simply not available by querying blockchain nodes directly.

What are the key considerations for integrating with Chainlens’ blockchain API?

Chainlens API is a RESTful service built using the OpenAPI standard. You use OpenAPI client generators or even large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT to easily create code to pull data from this service.

What are some of the use cases for using the blockchain API?

Use cases include real-time transaction monitoring, smart contract event monitoring, on-chain asset tracking, and integrating blockchain data with existing applications for enhanced analytics and reporting.

What blockchains does Chainlens support?

Compatible with various public EVM networks and appchains. We support private blockchains such as Hyperledger Besu and Quorum.

What are the pricing plans for Chainlens?

Chainlens offers flexible pricing plans tailored to the needs of different networks, from small startups to large established networks. Check our pricing page.