Why Performance is Important for Blockchain Explorers

In today's fast-paced world, the demand for quick and responsive platforms is more crucial than ever. At Chainlens, we're committed to delivering a seamless blockchain exploration experience. Driven by performance enhancements, the Chainlens EVM Explorer is providing a leading experience for its users. 

The Limited Attention Span of Internet Users 

Internet responsiveness is vital for user experience across digital platforms, including blockchain explorers. A recent report analysing over 4 billion web visits found that the average website load time on desktop was 2.5 seconds in 2023.

Usability pioneer Jakob Nielsen explains that there are 3 important time limits to web and application response times. He stresses the significance of even fractions of a second, with a delay of 0.1 second impacting user perception and a delay of 1 second disrupting the user's thought flow.

The Importance of Performance in Blockchain Exploration

When working with blockchain data, time is of the essence. Delays in accessing critical data can result in missed opportunities and user frustration. As a blockchain network operator, ensuring your users have a fast, reliable way to audit and verify on-chain transactions is crucial. 

At Chainlens, we've embraced Nielsen's principles, setting ambitious performance targets to ensure our platform delivers instant results. With our Holesky instance of Chainlens, you'll notice a significant improvement. 


When you click on the navigation menu items, data is returned rapidly. In our testing, most of these pages load within the 0.1 second threshold, and others load within 0.2 seconds. This speed is unmatched by many other blockchain explorers running on Holesky, and we encourage you to experience it yourself.

Creating a Compelling User Experience 

As we strive to push the boundaries of performance in blockchain exploration, we're continuously seeking new avenues for improvement and providing a very responsive experience for our users.

Chainlens Blockchain Explorer NFT Collection Details

These foundational changes are just the beginning of our commitment to enhancing Chainlens for its users. Looking ahead, we have a roadmap of exciting features in development that will further elevate the platform. We're excited to bring these enhancements to fruition and continue providing an unparalleled user experience in blockchain data analysis with Chainlens.

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