Providing Intuitive Navigation in Chainlens for a User-Centric Web3 Experience

Our goal with the Chainlens Appchain and Blockchain Explorer is not only to provide a leading blockchain and appchain explorer, but also to help onboard more users to web3.

Many of the existing explorer solutions are not thinking big enough in this respect. Instead, they are focusing on one of two areas:

  • Developer-centric information such as blocks, transactions and smart contracts
  • Speculator-centric information such as NFT and token trading activity

Web3 has been most impactful thus far in the trading and speculating of on-chain assets. This is not the endgame for the technology in our view.

Creating a Relevant User Experience

For web3 to fulfil its potential the majority of assets deployed on-chain should not be there not for financial speculation purposes, but instead because they represent something of tangible value. This could be a (not overpriced) digital collectable, a real-world asset, a stablecoin, etc.

Given this, we want to ensure that the information we display in Chainlens is intuitive and relevant to users. One way we've actioned this has been to redesign our navigation menu.

Navigation Menu in Chainlens Token Explorer

We've refined the navigation to display information that users care most about.

We want to ensure Chainlens is as accessible for a web3 native as someone whose first experience of web3 or blockchain is via Chainlens. We accomplish this by placing our focus on the assets that exist on the blockchain and the assets held in various accounts. These simplifications are straightforward and logical.

Other Types of Asset

Furthermore, we have made it incredibly easy for users to customize and personalize their experience on Chainlens. For instance, if a user prefers to refer to tokens as loyalty points or NFTs as documents, we are more than happy to change this for them on the dashboard. We believe in providing a flexible and adaptable platform that caters to the specific needs of our customers.

Although this new view simplifies the navigation with Chainlens, it's still possible to access the blockchain-centric data that it has always had. Clicking on the Blockchain menu item expands to list the Contract, Event, Transaction and Blocks view it has always had.

Expanding menu items in Chainlens Block Explorer

 In addition, we've also added a link to the Chainlens API, which takes you to the Swagger docs associated with your instance.

Chainlens Blockchain Explorer API


We don't have any plans to remove the low-level detail from Chainlens, but we do want to make the navigation as intuitive as possible for users.

The Blockchain Shouldn’t Matter

It's been said many times before that users shouldn't be concerned with the details of the underlying blockchain they're using. We believe it's important to reflect this mindset in Chainlens by focusing increasingly on assets and accounts on-chain rather than the blocks and transactions.

Chainlens has become a go-to solution for businesses and developers looking to leverage the power of appchains. With this latest update in Chainlens it brings us closer to this goal, and we look forward to sharing updates on other features we are working on to this end shortly.

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