Chainlens Enhances Palm's NFT Vision in Transition to Polygon Edge

A few weeks ago we announced that the Palm Network's testnet had cutover to become an appchain using Polygon's Edge technology. This week the mainnet cutover took place and the Chainlens Appchain Explorer is now supporting the Palm mainnet on Polygon Edge.

The Palm Network is a leading network for creators, which extends beyond just collectables. It seeks to turn NFTs into a vehicle for extensive community engagement.

Polygon is a leading Ethereum layer 2 network, who have launched a couple of frameworks for running appchains. The first of these was their Edge technology, and more recently they announced their Chain Development Kit (CDK) for deploying ZK-EVM based appchains.

In order to minimise disruption to users, the Palm Network decided to migrate first to Polygon Edge with plans to migrate to Polygon ZK-EVM in the first half of 2024.

NFT Collection Details using Chainlens Palm NFT Explorer
NFT Collection Details


With the Chainlens Appchain and Blockchain Explorer being a crucial piece of infrastructure for the Palm Network's ecosystem, we needed to ensure that Chainlens supported Edge and also used the opportunity to verify that it worked with Polygon CDK for ZK-EVM deployment.

This has resulted in Chainlens continuing to serve the needs of the Palm ecosystem post migration to Edge, but also brought it closer to the Polygon ecosystem. Chainlens is now listed as an official explorer in the Polygon ecosystem.

NFTs are some of the most compelling assets deployed on blockchains, hence being able to easily visualise them and see information such as their individual traits are of key importance to users.

In depth NFT information using Chainlens Palm NFT Explorer
In depth NFT information using Chainlens Palm Explorer

 With their meteoric rise in the crypto sphere, NFTs have suffered from excessive amounts of price speculation, especially on the Ethereum mainnet which has resulted in many seeing them as nothing more than overpriced assets for crypto speculators.

The Palm Network is helping to change this narrative through frequent releases of NFTs which are priced at sustainable levels without excessive scarcity. This ensures that people can obtain the NFTs they wish to on the network and are hopefully incentivised to hold them because they like them rather than seeing them as pure investments for financial gain.

The network is highly focussed on artists and creators to help them build sustainable revenue streams via the network.

With some of the brands that are deploying on the network including DC Comics and Major League Baseball, they're striking a good balance for their users.

Continuing to support the users of the network and make it easy for them to see on-chain assets they hold is of vital importance for Chainlens.

In addition to supporting Palm with their cutover to Polygon Edge, we've also been adding more NFT and account specific features to Chainlens which we'll be unpacking shortly.

In the meantime you can head to to see the multitude of NFTs deployed on the network.

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