Token, NFT and Account Data Monitoring in Real Time

Chainlens is the go-to appchain and blockchain explorer for EVM-compatible networks

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Faster time to market with live blockchain applications

Easy to use

Chainlens’ friendly UI is not just for devs but the web3 curious too.
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Significantly cheaper than the market leader - save 10-100x on your explorer costs.
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Time Saving

Cut out hosting headaches with running your own explorer.

First class NFT and Token Support

Full support for ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155

Chainlens NFT Explorer
Chainlens Dashboard

Sleek Dashboard

Quickly assess the overall health of your network and on chain activity.

Powerful Search

Find information on tokens, NFTs, accounts and transactions, fast.

Chainlens powerful search functionality

“Chainlens’ clean, simple interface makes it easy for our community to find the information they need quickly”

Andrea Lerdo de Tejada
Executive Director Palm Foundation

“We recommend to all of our partners and customers using Azure Blockchain Service that they make use of Web3 Labs’ Chainlens for its exceptional user experience and insights it provides.”

Marley Gray
Principal Architect, Azure Blockchain Engineering, Cloud & Enterprise, Microsoft

“Chainlens is our go-to platform for monitoring new tokens and contracts on the Palm Network.”

Daniel Heyman
President and Chief Strategy Officer, Candy Digital

Chainlens is serving over 30 networks, including the Palm Network and Mythical Games

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Complete API
Easily integrate Chainlens with other applications.
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Fully Customizable Experience
Your branding, hosted on your chosen URL.
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High Quality, Decoded Data
Verified smart contract data from Sourcify, plus Chainlens’ bytecode database.
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Fast to launch
New Chainlens instances spun up in hours not days.
We ❤️ our customers
Responsive customer support, new features and bug fixes turned around quickly.
Integrated with your communities
Link directly to your social hubs from Chainlens.

Built by the team who built Web3j

Chainlens opens up blockchain data to everyone with unmatched simplicity and clarity.

Designed for the pioneers, the innovators, and the curious, Chainlens is your network’s gateway to the blockchain that's as intuitive as it is powerful.

Various shots of the Chainlens Explorer's dashboard and token views

Chainlens Plans

Hosted Plans

  • Fully managed block explorer
  • High-quality decoded data
  • Sourcify support
  • Branded for your project
  • Your own custom domain
  • Token (ERC-20) and NFT (ERC-721, ERC-1155) support
  • Powerful search engine
  • Compatible with layer one, layer two networks and appchains
  • Tiered usage based plans
  • RESTful API for programmatic access
  • Support SLAs
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Developer Plan

  • Runs locally on your machine
  • Block, transaction, address and contract views
  • EVM networks supported
  • FREE to get started!

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